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Smart Music Boxing Machine Wall Target 2500MAH

Smart Music Boxing Machine Wall Target 2500MAH

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Train Like a Champ with the Bluetooth Boxing Wall Target

Take your boxing and fitness routines to championship levels with the innovative Bluetooth-Compatible Boxing Wall Target. This smart boxing bag mounts to any wall in your home, bringing the excitement of the ring right to your personal gym.

Constructed from ultra-durable polyurethane, the Boxing Wall Target withstands punches up to 200kg/450lbs. The generous 15.74" x 15.74" strike surface gives you ample room to throw different punch combinations. Bluetooth connectivity pairs seamlessly with your phone to stream motivational workout playlists through the built-in speaker.

Choose from three different models:

  • Type A: Boxing machine only
  • Type B: Boxing machine with adult boxing gloves
  • Type C: Boxing machine with kids boxing gloves

The Wall Target’s LED lights flash randomly to improve reaction times as you duck and dodge. Adjustable mounting height accommodates boxers of all ages and abilities. Fully charged battery provides up to 5 hours of hardcore training.

Regular workouts with the Bluetooth Boxing Wall Target will enhance your:

  • Reaction speed
  • Punching power
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Overall boxing skills

Whether you’re an aspiring boxer, MMA fighter, or want to add boxing to your fitness regimen, the Bluetooth Boxing Wall Target delivers an exhilarating, high-tech workout. Order yours today and train like a champ!

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